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We were formed in 1996 to provide sound and lighting for two rock cover bands who played regularly in clubs and smaller outdoor venues throughout the South of England and for whom it was not economic to invest in their own equipment. It was not long before the number of bands we were working with increased and our equipment inventory has increased and improved over the years to the level we have today. Careful selection of the right components means that we can provide concert quality sound relatively easily for most acts and in most types of venues.

It was not long before we were asked to add discos to our portfolio to provide a complete service for any party or event. Having nearly all the chart releases since the beginning and with the right equipment to play it on, this side of the business has grown to almost overtake the live sound.

As time has passed we have been asked to provide more and more related services such as CD and DVD editing and we have been pleased to add these services to our portfolio.

The services offered on this website are those which we have been asked to provide over the past 12 years by our customers and have successfully done so to the high standards we set ourselves.