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***** NOW AVAILABLE *****

Our computer based system, which allows us to find and play any track within just a couple of seconds, is now available to all. Just click here to find out more about it.

What better way to entertain a mixed audience than to have a 'history of the charts' disco? New for 2009, we play the most popular hits starting from the early days and ending with the current week. Everyone is guaranteed to hear something they know and love and, of course, we play their requests at the appropriate time. We have done several discos using this format now and it is proving to be very popular with mixed age groups.

We have found that a problem with many discos is either that they are too loud or that they play records that nobody has ever heard before or, quite possibly, both.

Our disco services use the same equipment as for live sound, are computer controlled and based on the singles charts dating from the beginning in November 1952 to the present day. We are more than happy to restrict our playlist to any given era or musical genre whether it be the 1950s only for an anniversary party or to the current chart for a younger party.

In any event, we always encourage requests and will play what the participants want to hear. For party nights we have all the popular party dance records, hold quizzes and games and give spot prizes to the winners.

We can go as loud or as quiet as you like and always take direction from the organisers about what and how you want to hear us. We start and stop whenever you want us to. There is never a set finish time.

***** Features *****

*All the hits from 1952 to present
*We play what you want us to play
*Let us know in advance and we'll make sure we've got it
*Requests are encouraged and played
*Fully computer controlled
*Concert quality sound system
*No cut off time. We keep going as long as you want us to
*A backup system is always available in case of technical problems