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We provide sound systems for soloists, bands and cabarets playing in theatres and clubs throughout the south of England. In many clubs we regularly receive compliments that we have produced a better sound quality than has been heard before at that venue by using similar systems to the national touring companies and by having an engineer who knows how to produce as good a sound as possible with as little setting up time as possible.

Our prices are ridiculously low simply because we do this for the love of the music and for the satisfaction we get from the compliments we invariably receive rather than regard it is just a job to make money from. For a free quotation please e-mail us using the address found on the contacts page giving us a brief idea of the venue and act. In the unlikely event that we feel that we are not best suited for the job we will always be honest and let you know. In these rare cases we will often recommend a more suitable company.

The systems we use are based around Turbosound speakers, the choice of such bands as Kings Of Leon, Led Zeppelin, The Shadows, David Gilmour, Pigeon Detectives and many more as well as numerous international music festivals.

Because of the relatively long setup times for the touring ranges we chose to use Turbosound's range of portable speakers due to speed and ease of setup. All our systems are run bi-amplified to provide a cleaner overall sound plus a more positive and powerful bass response.

Jet Harris The Bootleg Shadows Altonbury Music Festival
The Noise Next Door The Shadders
Counterfeit Quo Zoe McCulloch
Second Offence

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